Up in the air with Belavia Corporate Calendar

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Up in the air with Belavia Corporate Calendar


Development of an inspiring creative calendar concept for Belavia Airlines


Belavia is the national airline of Belarus, the absolute leader in passenger transportation in our country. The company is constantly evolving and reaching new heights. It was this dynamic that needed to be reflected in the corporate calendar. The honor to work with it was given to the specialists of the group of companies Concept.

Development of an “inspiring” creative concept

Maximum comfort and safety of passengers - these are the pillars on which Belavia Airlines operates. All this, coupled with the accuracy of flight operations (Belavia often leads the top of punctual airlines) and an improvement of the quality of customer service makes it one of the best in the world. To make the flight not only absolutely safe, but also give passengers incredible pleasure from the flight - for this there is Belavia.

 Based on this idea, specialists of the group of companies Concept offered the Customer several “inspiring” ideas. And the most creative and original of them has found its embodiment in the design of the corporate calendar.

Calendar Design Development

"Up in the air ...", people have long dreamed of a pipedream. The development of civil aviation allows you to make your dream a reality, and it’s the crew of Belavia aircraft that helps to find wings.

Each page of the calendar is the fulfillment of one human dream. People of absolutely different ages, regardless of wealth, profession and position, can be happy. And the flight attendants and pilots of Belavia airline will help them in this.

Positive, airy and joyfull - this is the mood that gives the corporate calendar. It has been adapted to various formats (wall-mounted, desk, quarter and poster calendars) so that people can be inspired by dreams of heaven in the office and at home.