Redesign of the logo and development of a guidebook for the company "9th region"

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Группа компаний "Концепт" занимается комплексным рекламным обслуживанием компаний, продвижением брендов на рынке, разработкой рекламных оффлайн и онлайн кампаний.
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Redesign of the logo and development of a guidebook for the company "9th region"


Redesign of the logo and development of a guidebook for the company "9th region"


Guidebook development is the best decision if a company wants or needs to update the brand's appearance or change its positioning. This is exactly the key message of the 9th Region company, the authorized leader of ALUTECH. The company has reached the stage of development when the identity of the parent brand began to hinder rather than help in promoting the company in the market and the need for its own corporate identity appeared.

The company specializes in sales, installation, repair and maintenanceof the gates and roller shutter systems, as well as PVC, aluminum, refrigeration equipment. Within the 6 years of its history, the brand has established itself as fashionable, bright, austere, expensive and dynamic.
All these qualities should be reflected in the corporate identity of the company. The recommended color scheme for the new logo is shades of blue, from dark cobalt to cold intense blue. It is blue that helps reduce stress and anxiety in people. The shape of the logo resembles the number "9", the lower part of the sign repeats in the shape of a "check mark" or "bird", which is often used during checks to mark readiness and compliance. The logo sign is made in the shape of stripes resembling roller shutter segments, which emphasizes the main direction of the company's activity. The sign is complemented by an original technological font with italic elements, which are consonant with the white dividing lines of the logo sign. This style gives the lettering lightness and airiness. Angled stripes look more dynamic and lend a touch of originality to simple elements. It is a great tool for branding objects of various sizes, from large to small.

The guidebook reflects the most basic rules for using corporate identity: the main elements of visual identification (main and additional logo options, including Russian and English versions, corporate colors), logo placement rules, style-forming graphics, typography, examples and templates for creating advertising materials, as well as the use of corporate identity on corporate identity media.