Rebranding and development of a brand book for RPUE "Gomeloblgaz"

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Rebranding and development of a brand book for RPUE "Gomeloblgaz"


Rebranding and development of a brand book for RPUE "Gomeloblgaz"


RPUE “Gomeloblgaz” is a large, serious company with 60 years of history. The company's management decided to update the logo that had lost its relevance and to rethink its corporate identity on a large scale. The new corporate identity is intended to emphasize the sustainability and stability of the organization and reflect the strict and discreet nature of the brand.

 The company remained conservative in approach to its corporate colors and we tried to preserve the colors of its original logo as much as possible, slightly changing the shades. Dark blue turned into a rich indigo, and blood orange became less aggressive, but no less bright orange. The color combination is contrasting, it attracts attention and conveys confidence and a positive message.We did not overload the logo with additional colors in order to keep it laconic and not complicate its perception. The logo sign is a variation of the combination of two cyrillic letters "Г" («G») - this is a common letter of the words "Gomel" and "gas". The inner letter "g" visually resembles a tongue of flame and maintains continuity with the original company logo. The play of colors in the sign is achieved with a gradient, the transition from saturated to softer gives a sense of volume. The typeface of the logo is built on the basis of a strict font, sans serif, which will allow it to be well adapted to various media.

 A simple graphic logo transforms perfectly for a variety of design tasks. It became the basis for the corporate pattern, lines and other elements of the unique corporate identity. A bright logo dictates its own rules for subsequent design: the use of achromats as complementary colors, the absence of small details in the design, scaling and fragmentation of the main elements for various media.

 As a part of the rebranding project, new solutions were proposed for the design of buildings and offices of the company, internal premises and customer service centers, branded vehicles, souvenirs, digital and print media. This project is an example of how, without significant changes in the color code of the industry (inherent in all regional gas supply companies of the country), it was possible to significantly modernize and revive the corporate identity of the brand. The redesign conveys a sense of reliability, stability, maintaining the traditions of the enterprise, but also distinguishes it from the background of other regional divisions as modern and ready for development and improvement.