Development of the packaging design for brand of line of laundry detergents WASHING TONE

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Development of the packaging design for brand of line of laundry detergents WASHING TONE


To develop the concept of packaging for laundry detergents WashingTone


The group of companies "Concept" was given a task to develop a packaging design for Belarusian high-quality laundry detergent WashingTone.

Packaging is developed for the following product groups: line of laundry detergents WashingTone (powders, rinses, conditioners).
The purpose of developing the concept of packaging – to create a unique and memorable visual image, increase demand for products by attracting new consumer groups and detuning from competitors.
Main consumer qualities – high-quality detergents at the best price.
Basic requirements for the visual – associations with high quality, tradition and high manufacturability.
Stylish solution – understandable for the end user, attractive and stylish premium packaging.

The target audience of the brand: women, 20-60 years old housewife. Average consumer – woman, 40 years old. Average material prosperity.
Rational motivation of the target audience – quality cleaning agent from a trusted manufacturer. Emotional motivation of the target audience - popular, affordable, convenient.

The development of the concept for packaging design included the following steps:
  1. analysis of marketing research and competitive advantages of the brand WASHING TONE, on their basis, we developed a general concept of packaging design.
  2. development of corporate identity elements of the brand: principles of logo construction (modular grid), logo design + descriptor, logo layout principles, the selection of corporate colors and color spectrum (Pantone, CMYK, RGB).
  3. development of the idea of packaging design (packaging concept design), adaptation of the existing trade mark logo under the developed concept of packaging in accordance with the technical specifications.
  4. adaptation of the packaging concept for all types of brand (21 SKU)
  5. guideline development, fixation of all developed materials and prescribing rules of construction for developed media in one document

Within the project, there were created 5 concepts of category packages and more than 21 specific ones. Containers for funds differ not only in volume but also in color solution, in design and in name. Illustrations on each packaging are supplemented with bright names. For example, the agent "Tenderness of Spring" is represented in the line of fabric softeners. The name is supported by an illustration in the form of snowdrops, decorated in green colors, reminding the first grass, that gets out of the ground with the arrival of spring.

In addition to these in the line of fabric softeners there are such names as "Summer Inspiration", "Charm of Autumn" and "Fascination of Winter". Thanks to the associative series, the buyer can easily cope with the choice of this product.
All line of laundry detergents attract attention, what indicates that the priority task was fulfilled.