Production of a series of social advertising videos

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Production of a series of social advertising videos


Production of a series of social advertising videos


The National Center for Legal Information of the Republic of Belarus needed to create a series of social videos that would clearly illustrate the main administrative and legal concepts. In this regard, a tender was announced, in which the group of companies Concept won.

 The main task was to convey to everyone how to act in a given situation in accordance with the letter of the law. Many people trust information from unverified sources, and also go for advice to friends and neighbors - people who are not legally educated. Often this leads to fatal errors and sad consequences. To prevent such cases, a series of animated videos on various topics was created:

Consumer Rights,
Settlement of housing relations,
Administrative and legal relations.

  Each video was developed individually: individual scenarios were developed, characters were drawn, musical accompaniment was carefully selected, and the most suitable announcers were selected. It was necessary to realize the idea and convey it to the viewer in a simple, unobtrusive way. Despite the seriousness of the issues addressed in the commercials, they were supposed to evoke positive emotions and introduce legal information through an attractive video.

Links to the videos: