Presentation site of a luxury residential complex

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Presentation site of a luxury residential complex


To develop a presentation and selling site for the sale of luxury housing


This is a promo site, designed to acquaint potential buyers with the architectural design of the construction of an elite residential complex, which is carried out by the state developer - Capital Construction Administration of the Minsk City Executive Committee. The site, rendered on the CMS platform "1-C Bitrix", has extensive functionality, it is reliably protected, productive (that is extremely important for the presentation site, since the emphasis is on the visual appeal of the main page of the site). On this site, for convenience of potential participants of shared construction, there is a convenient filter, with the help of which the user can see the footage of each apartment, which will be located in the residential complex. In addition, the filter allows you to select a section, as well as the number of rooms and calculate the approximate cost of living space. The site also provides 3D-tour that allows you to see how the building will look in the future. From any tab of the site, the user is given feedback. Thus, the developed site fully corresponds to all the tasks assigned to it.