Logo rebranding and brand book development for the FEZ Gomel-Raton

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Logo rebranding and brand book development for the FEZ Gomel-Raton


Logo rebranding and brand book development for the FEZ Gomel-Raton


Free Economic Zone Gomel-Raton has been the main platform for organizing modern high-tech production in Gomel region for over 20 years. For a successful modern organization, it is important to maintain a business image and keep up to date. To determine and systematize the corporate identity of the company and increase brand awareness, the Administration of the FEZ “Gomel-Raton” turned to specialists of the Concept group of companies.

A new look at the logo

The first stage of work was the rebranding of the logo of the company. While maintaining the traditional monochrome color scheme of the enterprise, the new sign was to become authentic, concise and graphic, to attract attention, to be well recognized and remembered, and also to scale well for various print media.

The creative team of the group of companies Concept has developed 22 concepts for a new logo sign, each of which characterizes the uniqueness of the enterprise, its line of business, mission, and also carries an emotional message of reliability and tradition with constant development and modern dynamics.

As a result, the new logo fully meets the requirements of the customer, a graphic sign symbolizes interaction and cooperation in constant environmental changes of the business world. Stripes of different shades of gray create the illusion of a liquid metal, which, with visible plasticity, has strength and is an integral part of any production. Saturated orange shaped as tongues of flame reveals the strength and desire of the company to conquer new heights.

Corporate identity development

The next step was to develop a complete corporate identity guide. The brand book of the FEZ Gomel-Raton includes a detailed description of the use of each brand element on various media, both advertising and corporate. The brand book also provides detailed recommendations on its use in order to create a holistic perception of the brand by consumers.