Logo development and packaging design for TM "CasheWell"

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Logo development and packaging design for TM "CasheWell"


Development of a logo and packaging in order to enter the markets of the Republic of Belarus, EU, USA


CasheWell is a cashew-based drink for vegans and anyone who values ​​natural, healthy, quality products.

The brand name is a combination of the words "cashew" and "wellness". The brand logo has turned out to be laconic, simple, emphasizing the plant origin of the product. The simple, rounded font and the bright white color are easy to read from a distance. They also leave a wide margin for the designer to use different colors in subsequent packaging. This is very important if the product line is wide. For greater contrast, we suggested using the logo in a rounded plate resembling a cashew leaf pattern.

A healthy alternative to regular milk is the main message of this product. On the one hand, it was necessary to emphasize the closeness to milk, and on the other, to demonstrate the USP of the new product. 

The shape of the beverage packaging is inherited from the milk one; we have also added milk motifs to the design in the shape of characteristic splashes of milk in the lower part of the front side of the box. In the center of the package, there is a large image of cashew nuts (as the main component of the product) against a gradient background of different shades of pastels, depending on the aroma of the drink. There are 7 different flavors in the line (original nutty, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, etc.). In the upper part of the box, in a plate, there is a corresponding contrasting inscription with the flavor variety of the product. The same information is duplicated in the illustration in milk waves.

Important benefit of the product is the absence of lactose, gluten, soy supplements, GMOs and sugar. This information is placed at the bottom of the box with contrasting text in a plate.

In general, the packaging turned out to be “tasty”, bright, dynamic and informative. And if the product line expands, it will be possible to easily fit new products into it without changing the chosen style.