Complex rebranding of the engineering holding

Concept group

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Complex rebranding of the engineering holding


To conduct a full complex rebranding of the holding, which includes branding and development of sites.


The Concept group faced the task to conduct complex rebranding of a large holding engaged in providing engineering services on the territory of Russian Federation. After the merger in the group of ASP holding appeared four directions, each of which had its own style. This was the reason for complex rebranding.

In view of the fact that it was necessary to brand all four directions ASP Aqua, ASP Controls, ASP Energy, OTS Engineering systems, our brand studio was proposed to create an associative series with the help of a color solution, which created a visual communication for each direction. The main color solutions were chosen as follows: sky blue, bright green, deep blue, rich orange. Each brand is created with domination of the main color of the direction.

The general name of the holding was left unchanged in Cyrillic and in English - ASP Group (ASP Group), as this is a convenient solution, can be easily read and is suitable for working with companies from different countries. The general logo of the holding company includes all the basic colors of four directions of the holding.

Within the complex rebranding, the following types of work were performed:
  • The general brand book of the holding was developed, which includes 167 pages;
  • Guideline for each direction with the set of marketing materials;
  • 5 sites - common for the holding company and one for each direction.