Key visual of the “Friends” affiliate program for Fransabank OJSC

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Key visual of the “Friends” affiliate program for Fransabank OJSC


Develop a logo, slogan and key visual of the “Friends” affiliate program for Fransabank OJSC


In preparation for the launch of their affiliate program, Fransabank OJSC appealed to the Concept brand studio with a request to develop a logo, slogan and key visual for the loyalty program. After analyzing the feature of the “Friends” affiliate program, we decided that it is necessary to combine the status of the bank and at the same time not make it too official while creating the logo. The basis of the logo is presented in the form of an abstract figure, supplemented by circles of different diameters. Circles symbolize card holders, and the abstraction itself is the “Friends” loyalty program, which unites both the bank, companies, partners, and cardholders. The font used is also multi-faceted. On the one hand, it is strict and serious, like the activities of a bank, and on the other, it is gentle and kind, like the specifics of an affiliate program. The colors of the logo are also not random. They are selected from the blue palette corresponding to the company colors of Fransabank OJSC. The used versatility of shades of blue shows the many facets of the affiliate program. Developing a key visual, we wanted to convey the friendliness of the loyalty program. The slogan “Can have too many friends!” was chosen. A friendly company that is united by the loyalty program “Friends” from Fransabank OJSC was added. The result is the positive visual that attracts attention.