Integrated development of a new TM for the company "Motechavtozapchasti"

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Integrated development of a new TM for the company "Motechavtozapchasti"


Integrated development of a new TM for the company "Motehautozapchasti"


Group of companies Concept has specialization in solving serious complex branding problems. As part of the rebranding project, the company “Motehavtozapchasti” decided to radically change the external image of the brand. This project required a rethinking of the existing TM and the creation of a new brand from scratch: from a new name and logo to the development of a design strategy.

Specialists of the group of companies Concept conducted an audit of the brand, researched and analyzed the market, its players, target audience, promising areas of development and problem areas. Based on the research results, a brand platform for a new brand was created and a theory of its positioning and a communication strategy were developed.

Many car owners regard their car as a living thing. Often you can hear such epithets addressed to four-wheeled ones as “my girl got sick” (the car is malfunctioning), “the blonde in the beauty salon” (the car was inspected), “Mitya with a black eye” (the headlight suffered as a result of the accident), etc. Car owners live one life with their cars, in single rhythm, with single pulse. This observation prompted us to the idea of ​​a new naming for TM - Autobeat. “Beat” – as in the “heartbeat”. The company’s new slogan “Healthy pulse of your car” is in the same concept.

The choice of the color palette for the logo of the new brand was obvious - shades of grass and rich dark green are associated with active life, health, movement, environmental friendliness. The main message of the logo design was to maintain the company's reputation as a reliable player in the autoparts market, maintaining traditions, and modern perception of the company's image. A laconic and modern contour logo in the shape of a racing car with pulsating waves of an electrocardiogram has become an excellent solution. The name of the company is inscribed in the contours of the racing car, and the slogan “Healthy pulse of your car” we proposed to use as a descriptor to the logo.

Based on the color scheme of the logo, a corporate identity was developed. We intentionally did not introduce a large number of accent colors. Only branded shades of green, white and metallic gray for visuals with auto parts - strictly, technologically, freshly. Due to the use of complex gradient , textured backgrounds and a corporate pattern in the shape of a wave of an electrocardiogram, original, juicy designs for a brand book were created.

Traditionally, corporate fonts, patterns, design of elements of business documentation, design of information and advertising stands, design of company signs, stickers, branding of vehicles were described in the company's brand book. In addition, we were entrusted with the development of the interior and exterior for three types of rooms with different layouts, quadrature, targeted use with 3D-visualization from different angles. It was an interesting project, requiring serious analysis and non-trivial implementation, and our specialists successfully coped with it.