Development of a new european premium brand

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Development of a new european premium brand


Development of a new european premium brand


The first step in project implementation is creating a brand strategy. There were a few key points to consider:

• market characteristics of the European region;

• characteristics and quality of products;

• world trends and trends in design, etc.

To assess the situation on the market, a marketing research was conducted, during which the following were analyzed:

• target audience - surveys of the target group were conducted, during which the interests of the audience, its preferences, consumer insight, etc. were highlighted;

• the hosiery market - the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and risks of the company were identified during the SWOT analysis;

• activities and strategies of competitors, etc.

Evaluation of the results allowed the specialists of the brand studio Concept to develop a detailed strategy for the development of the brand, draw conclusions and give further recommendations to the customer. In the course of the study, the basic theory of positioning of a new trade mark was also determined, strategies and a schedule for promotion, and the basic concepts of an advertising campaign were developed.

In the second phase, a new name for the product was developed. Tights are an indispensable part of any woman's wardrobe. It lends sophistication to the silhouette and elegance to the style without being striking. It was these qualities that it was decided to reflect in the new name of the trade mark - “Top Secret”. Such a name evokes associations of something interesting that is difficult to obtain or find - this has become the key idea for the logo and brand communication.

The third stage is brand positioning. In the course of marketing research, the strategies of competitors selling similar products were analyzed. The analysis showed that the sale of a product in the premium segment should have an innovative approach in everything: both in the product itself and in the packaging, and in relation to customers. Communication with the customer should be based on the fact that the product is focused specifically on this customer. If the product is exclusive and evokes vivid emotions, then it will attract the attention of the premium segment.

The emphasis in the development of new packaging was placed on the uniqueness and unusualness. It is a small tube that opens with a secret code. It is easy to guess - the size and number of den in the tights are used as a combination for opening. You can spy on the contents of the tube through the keyhole-shaped product window. Such packaging fully reflects the essence of the brand name, attracts consumers with an unusual look.

Additionally, a gift package was developed. Plastic sleeves are made in the shape of a woman's leg, on top of which a skirt falls. All this is additionally packed in a transparent film through which the product is clearly visible.

The created trade mark differs significantly from analogues on the market and meets all the image characteristics.