Development of a new brand of protective masks

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Development of a new brand of protective masks


Develop a new TM of protective masks


Our creative team faced a difficult task: it was necessary to develop a new brand of protective masks aimed at a youth audience. On the one hand, not to scare the target audience, and on the other, not to turn this project into a hype on a serious topic.

Young people have always been skeptic and nihilistic. And the Millennials succeeded in this many times more than all previous generations. They have little faith and sometimes deny obvious things. Generation Y has no heroes, but has idols. They do not seek to achieve, but seek to imitate and be on the wave. In addition, self-expression is crucial for this generation. These were the qualities of the target audience that we relied on in the development of a new brand.

The brand received a talking name - MASKIROЎKA - after putting on a protective mask, a person hides his face and disguises himself on the one hand, and protects himself from infection on the other. For the detuning from competitors of neighboring countries, this name, emphasizing the Belarusian identity, works fine. It is recognizable for Russian-speaking people, but it also provides an opportunity for the development of creative thought for subsequent design and positioning.

When developing the logo for the Belarusian interpretation, we added the Latin letter “R” in the title and stylized the letter “O” under the shape of the head of a wolf. This technique allows you to interpret the name in two ways: MASKIROЎKA or MASKI WOЎKA (Russian for the “Wolf’s masks”). We reinforced this intrigue by placing the name in the logo plate in 2 lines. It turned out a simple spot logo on a plain contrasting background with a white inscription, immediately catching the eye with an original elongated font with a stylized image of a wolf in a protective mask in the letter “O”.

As a key visual for the mask packaging we used a stylized illustration of a wolf putting on a mask. The packaging turned out to be bright, youthful, with an original background in which complex color combinations, graphic elements and hashtags are used. Slogan - “Reliably Youthful!” also fully fits into the concept of a new product and meets the needs ofthe target audience. In addition, instruction for the safe use of the mask in adverse epidemiological conditions is included in the package for the conscious youth.