Development of a creative advertising campaign for the school of manicure "Two Magpies"

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Development of a creative advertising campaign for the school of manicure "Two Magpies"


Development of a creative advertising campaign for the school of manicure Two Magpies


What is the Two Magpies? This is a school-studio, which offers studying programs for those who want to become a master in manicure and pedicure. The core of its target audience are women aged 15-35 who want to gain independence, learn something new and earn money on their hobby. In order for as many people as possible to learn about the project, it was necessary to develop an idea, a slogan and a vibrant key visual, as well as adapt the creative concept to various promotion channels.

Development of an advertising campaign idea

The Two Magpies school has very ambitious plans to gain a niche in the services market. Specialists of the group of companies Concept focused on the associations around the image of the magpie. This is a bird that loves everything bright and brilliant, attracting attention. For it, all these become a real treasure. The same bright and attractive for the target audience should be the services of a school-studio. Each master is ready to share her knowledge so that anyone could create beauty with his own hands.

The key visual embodies the idea of ​​success: each student of the Two Magpies school-studio will be able to become a demanded master herself. A bright, independent life full of interesting events is what lies behind obtaining the coveted school diploma.

Development of a loud advertising slogan

As a rule, a good master and client communicate on the same wave. Between them there is no place for formalism and formality. “Magpies rule in manicure!” - such a slogan immediately sets in a friendly mood. It sounds very fresh and youthful, and it is just the youth that makes up the core of the target audience of the advertised product.

Creating a communication strategy

In accordance with the online audience marketing research conducted by specialists of the group of companies Concept, the most effective promotional channels for the advertising campaign were identified. Thanks to the OOH, it is possible to demonstrate an advertising message not only to each representative of the target audience, but primarily in those areas of the city where the largest number of people interested in the courses are observed. As tools for online promotion were chosen:

1. targeted advertising on social networks Vkontakte and Instagram,

2. search and media advertising on Yandex and Google.

It was also additionally proposed to draw up projects together with influencers, to carry out collaborations with other brands and organize PR events.