Development of a complex brandbook for a network of electric charging stations of RUE Belorusneft

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Development of a complex brandbook for a network of electric charging stations of RUE Belorusneft


Development of a complex brandbook for a network of electric charging stations of RUE Belorusneft


Objective: To develop a new, modern, high-tech brand for a charging stations network to access local and international markets.

 Belorusneft is the largest Belarusian operator of electric charging stations network. The company sets ambitious goals and plans to expand its network by 2.5 times within two and a half years. The development of fast and superfast charging stations, united by a new technological and environmentally friendly brand, is a particular priority of the company.

To create a brand platform, it was necessary to study the main groups of consumers of electric cars, the main factors, drivers and barriers to choosing a charging station. We also did an analysis of the visual construction of a competitive range of international brands engaged in the industry, and their mapping. The obtained data formed the basis of the theory of positioning of the future brand - Speed + Technology. These are the essential preferences of the electrocars users. People of the generation Y are deeply involved in digital technologies, love innovative solutions and value their time as much as possible. A key message in positioning theory is The energy of your drive.

The new brand required a short, modern name, harmonious in Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian and English.
MALANKA (from the Belarusian word malanka means lightning) is easy to read in Latin and Cyrillic, has an association with industry and technology, and also, thanks to its Belarusian origin, will allow to rebuild the brand from competitors in other countries.

 In logo development, we moved away from the usual cliché with lightning in any form and orange-red colors. Dark green has become the base color in building corporate style. To highlight the design, experts from the group of companies Concept proposed solutions with eco-friendly green and technological gray.

 Brand logo shaped as the letter "M" consists of 3 elements. In the word MalAnkA there are 3 letters A, two of which are guessed at the edges of the new logo, and the central one is upside down and is in the center of the sign. Visually, the sign resembles an ECS bulkhead with the EV on both sides. A minimalist inscription MALANKA serves as an addition to the logo sign. We also added the tagline descriptor Powered by Belorusneft to the logo to emphasize brand continuity.

 The result of the work is a 112-page brand book that describes both offline and online channels of brand communication. The set of rules describes traditional sections as: elements of corporate identity and options for their use in printed materials; exterior design standards: company signs, plates, information stands; branding of corporate electric vehicles, etc., and unique sections.
We have developed everything: from templates for electronic presentations and advertising banners to corporate screensavers on ECS screens, computer monitors and screens of mobile devices, from mock-ups on instructions for using ECS to standards for electric charging stations design and locations, from designing super-fast charging hubs to MALANKA mobile app design for iOS and Android.