Creation of a new TM, brand strategy, positioning development, packaging design

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Creation of a new TM, brand strategy, positioning development, packaging design


Integrated development and positioning of TM cast iron cookware manufacturer


Group of сompanies Concept provides a wide range of marketing services and comprehensive solutions for promoting the brand on the market. This time, the company’s specialists had a complex task - to create and launch a new brand of cast-iron cookware on the Belarusian market.

The objective was:

• to determine the positioning of the brand and rebuild it from competitors;

• to developbrand’s naming and logo;

• to create original packaging and POS materials for the new brand.

Brand platform

The solution to the complex problem began with the development of a brand platform for a new brand. Extensive marketing research, market analysis and mapping of the competitive environment, analysis of the target audience were carried out, the strengths and weaknesses of production, sales systems and reputation management were determined. As a result of the questionnaire, the main selection criteria for consumer groups were revealed. Potential consumers in the B2B and B2C segment were identified. An analysis of the target audience revealed major insights and purchase drivers. For target audience, the main driver is price and confidence in quality. Therefore, the basis of the basic theory of positioning was quality + taste. The key message “CREATING TASTE” emphasizes the archetype of the new brand - the magician - as the creator / creator of taste. The –ing form of the participle emphasizes the durability of taste and the long service life of the dishes of the new brand.

Naming and logo development

The new brand name should evoke associations with taste, with food preparation traditions, with fire, confidence and stability. A good name can easily be transformed into the domain of the site, and also organically fits into any communication - written, verbal and various advertising media. The naming "Master Smack" did an excellent job with these tasks. It has both the skill of the cook and a subtle indirect hint on the great taste.

The logo is based on two colors - black and yellow, a large font and a minimalistic illustration of a character - a cook, part of which is filled with color. The proposed logo perfectly conveys the character of the brand and its essence. A strong masculine character associated with the strength and durability of cast iron, in which food takes on a better taste. The shape of the logo resembles a cast-iron handle of a pan; this purposefully emphasizes the competitive advantage of the product.