Creation of a new brand of washing powders of the economy segment of OJSC "Barkhim"

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Creation of a new brand of washing powders of the economy segment of OJSC "Barkhim"


Creation of a new brand of washing powders of the economy segment of OJSC "Barkhim".


This project is notable for its large scale and number of tasks. These include a comprehensive marketing research, analysis of the current and the formation of a new, more relevant, brand portfolio of the company, the development of a brand strategy, communication strategy and creative concepts for each brand.

We started by analyzing the history of the company's communications, studied the competitive environment and determined the market capacity and consumption of each product group. The analysis of the target audience made it possible to identify the drivers and barriers to their consumption. Analysis of the company's product range revealed certain features that impede effective sales: too many brands with similar positioning, insufficiently developed TM naming and not very modern non-functional packaging.

All washing powders of OJSC “Barkhim”, regardless of their affiliation to a specific TM, we divided into 3 price segments: economy, medium and premium. We have cleared each segment of "superfluous " products, which allowed us to optimize the assortment. "Superfluous" - these are products that have duplicates in their composition and properties and can be easily replaced. And the consumer should not think about what the real difference is between two similar products, his choice should be obvious and limited to a specific brand. Clear USPs should be immediately visible.

 The line of the economy segment now consists of 5 products:

• universal washing powder,

• washing powder for hand washing,

• washing powder for white,

• liquid universal detergent,

• fabric softener.

USP was identified and the optimal shape and volume of packaging for each product were recommended.

For the naming of the new TM, the following factors were taken into account: belonging to the economy segment, brevity of the name, intuitive understanding of it in Russian or Belarusian languages. Association with the economy of the product, easy transformation of the name into the site domain and the correspondence of the brand communication, i.e. positive and joyful in tone. Why Diva? Firstly, this is a woman who is always brilliant and in the spotlight. Secondly, “miracle” in Old Church Slavonic and “dziva” in Belarusian means “miracle”, which means they are perfectly combined with the image of a sage brand.

The color scheme of the packaging is based on orange, close to coral, and contrasting turquoise. Complex backgrounds with translucent ornaments, light decorative elements that resemble thin expensive lace in shape - all this perfectly separates the product from competitors on the shelf. All USPs are placed on the front of the package in the shape of original icons. White font in the title and descriptions add brightness to the packaging. Branded elements are repeated on all types of packaging and, on the one hand, unite the line together, and on the other, they emphasize the individuality and originality of each product.