Creating a new beer brand

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Creating a new beer brand


New TM development, brand strategy, positioning development, label design


The group of companies Concept had the task of developing a new draft beer brand that would sell itself from the shelf without active media support.

Market research

To understand the problems and market conditions, market research was conducted. Our experts analyzed the market characteristics of the product group, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, the target audience, as well as global trends and major trends in packaging design. The main problem of this product group is the complexity of detuning from competitors on the shelf due to the great similarity in the design of beer labels and packaging.

Development of brand naming

The target audience of the new brand is millennials and progressive youth of 18-27 years old. It is important to make a new brand fashionable and relevant to the target audience . Therefore, we decided to speak with young people in their language. As a result, the new name of brand “PivAs” was born. PivAs is a beer expert, connoisseur of good rest.
The naming is easy to remember, sonorous, easy to pronounce, and on the other hand immediately draws the image of a brutal brand character. Naming "PivAs" has its own personality, more than sufficient for confident identification by the buyer and is able to compete with dignity in the beer market of Belarus. Ace is a pro with a capital letter, hence the key message: "He knows his business!" PivAs is a beer for young, active, modern people who follow fashion trends. Popular democratic beer for active citizens.

Creation of the logo and corporate identity

Corporate identity forms the image of the brand - strong, modern, understandable. A good logo is the foundation of communication with the consumer. A unique lettering style has become a tool for creating a new image, and the purity of the colors used in the logo demonstrate a modern approach to the product, distinguishing it from competitors.

Label design

Taking the “PivAs” naming as a basis for the label design concept, a series of copyright illustrations was developed for create the brand legend. The definition of "ACE" applies to those who masterfully own the art of higher piloting an airplane, driving a car or conducting tank combat. These images were the basis for the specific selection of beer: “Dark Ace” is a stylized for an airplane beer keg, “Light Ace” is a stylized for an SUV beer keg, “Unfiltered Ace” is a stylized for a tank beer keg. On each visual there is a colorful, brutal character at the helm or wheel.

A single developed pattern without joints across the entire area of the can, a variety of color schemes, sustained in the general concept, transmit attention to the quality of the product. The illustration is counterbalanced by a contrasting brand zone. In general, artistic design is eye-catching, works well for detuning on a shelf and emphasizes the individuality of the product.

If you want to bring a new brand to the market or your TM needs a new reading, contact the group of companies Concept. The company's specialists are implementing projects to create turnkey brands - from naming - to the creative concept of an advertising campaign.