Corporate rebranding of transport-expediting enterprise

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Corporate rebranding of transport-expediting enterprise


Development of a new corporate identity - corporate rebranding


Our brand studio was tasked with the restyling of the logo of a new branch in one of the largest transport organizations in Belarus. As the brand is recognizable enough in the market for its services, the concept of the logo should have remained unchanged.

The transformation of the logo began with a change in its font spelling. Ralados is a modern company and keeps up to date, so we proposed a handwritten writing style - lettering, which fully fits into the dynamics and nature of the enterprise.

The font remained readable, corporate colors were replaced with a deeper swamp-green and bright red. The corporate element in the shape of an arrow and a slogan also underwent a change, but remained at their places, because are an integral part of the logo. We have added a lowercase inscription “plus” - a new direction in the company’s service. The logo came out fresh, individual, and due to its font writing it was successfully detuned from the ordinary font writing.

We developed a logobook that described in detail the features of the logo and its elements, as well as regulated options for its placement on various media.