Corporate calendar as a marketing tool for product promotion on the market

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Corporate calendar as a marketing tool for product promotion on the market


Corporate calendar as a marketing tool for product promotion on the market by the example of TM "Oily" OJSC "Agroproduct"


New Year is not only everyone's favorite holiday, but also a marketing reason to tell new customers about your company or remind existing partners about your product. It is on the eve of the new year that the calendar becomes the most popular business souvenir. It can be a wall calendar, desk calendar, or pocket calendar. Loose-leaf, calendar-poster, tear-off or magnetic, and possibly a set of several types, united by a common idea. In any case, when choosing the type of calendar, it is necessary to be guided primarily by its marketing task.

Using the example of the development of a corporate calendar for 2021 for OJSC “Agroproduct”, we have clearly shown how to use every centimeter as efficiently as possible. The project included the development of 3 types of calendars: single sheet wall calendar, two piece wall calendar and vertical desk calendar. The main task: to tell in a bright, accessible and unobtrusive way about the USP of the products of OJSC “Agroproduct” - Oily rapeseed and soybean oils, about their health benefits and longevity. We called the concept “12 Healthy Habits with Oily” - one for each month of the year.

For the creative team of the group of companies Concept, a calendar is not just days of the week and numbers. We created 12 catchy slogans for each unique quality of the oil, entered them into vivid visuals and supplemented with additional information about what exactly this property of the product will be useful for and why it is important to include Oily in your dietary habits. For visuals, bright, contrasting calendar grid backgrounds are used, with the addition of transparency, gradient transitions and accent elements. Each page shows the product and the familiar Oily logo placed on the oil labels. For the dies that highlight the main message of the slogan and inscriptions, the brand's corporate colors are used - grassy green, orange and neutral white. All of them are perfectly readable against the bright background of the visual and set its semantic accents.

This approach to the development of corporate calendars makes it possible to transform them from an image gift into a marketing tool that works throughout the year. And our team still has many creative ideas on how to make each calendar unique and selling.