Comprehensive rebranding of the insurance company Stravita

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Comprehensive rebranding of the insurance company Stravita


Comprehensive rebranding of the insurance company "Stravita"


The State Enterprise "Stravita" is the market leader in insurance services in the segment "Accumulative life insurance for children and adults, insurance of additional pension". The company has a long history and a serious reputation, but its logo has somewhat lost its relevance and has ceased to correspond to both modern design trends and the company's image as a whole. The branding agency Concept was tasked with developing a corporate identity for the company that would stand out well from competitors, be easy to remember, comply with modern design trends and be associated with a serious and stable company. At the same time, it was necessary to preserve the corporate brand colors already familiar to the company's customers.

The team came up with several concepts for the new logo, and the the absolute favorite was the logo based on the “check mark”. This is a sign to indicate consent or inclusion, accounting, we usually mark the fulfillment of one or another item in the list of important things. Also, the "tick" has a shape close to the Latin letter "V" - from "vita" - "life". The second element of the sign, resembling a green sprout in shape, gives an association with the protection of a fragile life. In general, the sign is associated with closed palms, carefully guarding the precious sprout. The sign also traces the letter "C", consisting of 2 elements separated by a line of negative margin.

The font of the logo has also undergone some changes. Instead of a thin oblong font, we have proposed a more rectangular and bold version that will be clearly distinguishable on different surfaces and scales. It is also provided for the use of various subscripts together with the logo. The color scheme of the brand remained unchanged, but the colors became brighter and richer.

The logo perfectly scales and transforms; it also became the basis for the corporate pattern, lines and other graphic elements of the company's corporate identity.

For the insurance company, the main points of contact with the target audience are advertising messages, POS materials and the company's website. Therefore, much attention in the corporate identity development guide was paid to the development of design standards for various advertising media, the structure of advertising messages, and the placement of thematic message blocks for various formats.

In addition to the standard components of the brand book (business cards, envelopes, badges, lanyards, folders, souvenirs, branded transport), the guidelines for developing the corporate identity of the Stravita company included design standards for sales points and customer service centers, representative offices, head office: from signs, signage and window panes to navigating internal offices and decorating information corners.