Bank corporate calendar for 2018

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Bank corporate calendar for 2018


Objective: to develop a corporate calendar for 2018


Our branding agency Concept won another tender for development Belinvestbank corporate calendar. As the bank is constantly evolving and keeps up with the times, the main goal was to show the topic of growing popularity of digitalization so that it is both informative and interesting not only to the employees and partners of the bank, but also to the ordinary client. The topic of modern technology is quite popular and in order not to make it hackneyed, it was proposed to show how technology helps an ordinary person to allocate time on himself, his needs and desires. The name of the calendar is "Technologies give time."

Each month has its own slogan and particular visual developed for it. Technology - time for family, time for travel, time for education. Thus, we combined the heartwarming theme with digital technology. Style of the calendar - black and white illustration and grid.

Our brand studio offered to highlight 4 seasons in different colors, using cutting methodology on the numbers 2018. Which has become one of the specialties of the calendar. In addition, a stickerpack in corporate green color of the bank was developed as a separate 14th sheet.  We have drawn illustrated stickers on completely different topics, starting from Salary and Vacation, ending with cult quotes from famous  movies. Thus, on any day, every calendar holder can choose his favorite sticker and stick it on the calendar grid. Obviously, such an interactive calendar couldn’t leave anyone indifferent.